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Some comments from previous clients.....

My Son Luca started to see Lynne when he started Pre-school and has seen her on a regular basis for the last two years. We had noticed people found it hard to understand him and we thought at first he was just lazy with his speech.


We were pleased that on our first session with Lynne she diagnosed a Phonological Disorder and Dysfluency.  I was very pleased that Lynne would be able to offer help with all of Luca’s speech issues and we wouldn’t have to find another speech therapist who specialist in just one area as most seem to do.


We agreed to concentrate on the Phonological Disorder first and then when this therapy was established built in Dysfluency treatment. Lynne uses fun, age-appropriate activities to engage my son and not only work on his articulation, but build up the underlying skills needed for speech.


Lynne also quickly grasped an in depth knowledge of Luca’s character and personality and used this knowledge in her sessions. Luca related really well and loved going to see her, Luca was very receptive and enjoyed her sessions. The change in his speech has been wonderful.

We (myself, my husband and family) have all noticed the improvement in my son's speech and use of language. We are all amazed at the rate he has improved and will be forever grateful to Lynne for the help and support she has given to us in order to correct Luca’s speech issues and to be a confident child.

 Mother of a 5 year old with Speech Disorder and Stammer

I  worked alongside Lynne in Bury for 7 years. Lynne has always been passionate about her work and genuinely cares about the children and families she works with. 

Lynne is a highly competent therapist with a wide and varied knowledge base in children presenting with speech, language and communication difficulties.

During recent years Lynne and I developed a specialist service for children who stammer. Lynne is trained in delivering a wide range of  evidence based interventions for both children and young adults who stammer. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynne if Parents/ Carers were looking for an independent Speech and Language Therapist.

Kim Hough Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Pennine Care NHS FoundationTrust, Community services Bury.

To Lynne,


Thank you so much for all your hard work with Charlie and support for him and us all.  Your caring nature and high professional skills have helped Charlie develop over the last couple of years, not only in his speech, but also in his confidence communicating.  I know Charlie will, and ourselves will miss your weekly sessions. Thanks again, Charlie and family.

5 year old boy with Speech Disorder


Dearest Lynne, 


Just a small gift to say a big thank you for all your invaluable sessions that you have given us.  We have found them very well structured and practical and extremely beneficial.  We wish you every success on your move to Yorkshire.  Our loss is their gain!  Thanks so much, Daniel and Miryam.

 Parents of a 15 year old with a stammer.

To Lynne,  


Thank you for helping me with my speech

love, Jake


6 year old boy with Speech Delay

My son has just finished his treatment with lynne and I would tell any parent who has a child with speech problems, do not hesitate, she is fantastic! She really opens your eyes and you learn so much more than you ever thought! Thank yoy so much lynne your help was priceless xxx.Parent of a 6 year old boy who stammers Dec 2014.

Lynne has been working with my 5 year old daughter Isabelle for around 8 months now. Isabelle’s speech is very delayed in comparison to her peers. We spent around 2 years with different NHS speech therapist but Isabelle did not seem to be developing further despite our commitment as a family and also support from school and nursery at the time. Lynne however; has had a huge positive impact on Isabelle’s development. Lynne has really taken her time to get to know Isabelle and thoroughly assess and understand her needs. Thanks to Lynne, for the first time we, as her parents also feel like we now really understand Isabelle’s struggles and the support she needs to continue developing her speech and language skills. Lynne always takes her time to ensure we agree and understand the targets being set.

Lynne is always really professional, but ensures the sessions are really fun! She knows how to keep Isabelle engaged through use of games and challenges which we can continue with in between sessions. Isabelle asks to play ‘Lynne's games’ at home and is always eager to know if Lynne is coming to see her! Isabelle’s confidence has come on leaps and bounds, so much so her teachers have commented on her participation in class and other family members comment on how much her speech has improved. Lynne is very honest and will suggest changes to the session if she feels these are required, this is done with Isabelle’s best interests as priority. Although we still have a long way to go I feel with Lynne by Isabelle’s side said she will reach her full potential.

Lynne has been working with my son for the past ten months as he was fairly unintelligible with his speech despite being 5 and at school (Lynne was recommended to me). In the space of ten months he has come on leaps and bounds and now everyone can understand him which has given him so much confidence.

Lynne is very professional and knowledgeable but also great at making the sessions fun and different every time. Freddie never got bored and she was great at keeping his attention and getting the best out of him. I also found her very honest in telling me when I could reduce the frequency of sessions and even stop. She definitely has the child’s best interests as her priority. I can’t recommend her enough.


As our little girl, Alice grew and developed we knew that something wasn’t quite right with her speech and language. We frequently rose our concerns with health professionals and finally when she was just over 3 she was referred via the NHS. Unsurprisingly, we were informed that the wait for a NHS SALT was very long. At this point my husband and I felt helpless waiting and watching as our little girl who wanted to communicate struggled to be understood.

At this point we made contact with Lynne. Lynne quickly arranged an appointment to see us. She identified the areas in Alice’s speech and language which needed work. Over the last 12months we have been seeing Lynne every 2 weeks, she gives us activities to do at home between sessions and she even continued with our appointments during lockdown, when we had zoom meetings.

Our little girl loves seeing Lynne and she really enjoys the activities that she sends home with us.

A year ago Alice had mostly unintelligible speech, only her dad and I could understand her and she suffered from a significant stammer. This week she started at school in reception. Her class teacher invited those children who felt confident enough to stand up and introduce themselves to the class. Alice volunteered, she stood up and said hello to the class and told them her name. Everyone understood what she was saying and she did not stammer.

Her dad and I couldn’t be more proud of her or more grateful to Lynne and all her hard work. Lynne has helped us help our daughter and seeking her help and support has been one of the best decisions we have made for our daughter.

We continue to see Lynne and are confident that at some point soon Alice will have reached her potential and her speech difficulties will just be a memory her dad and I have.

Thank you Lynne for helping us ensure our daughter isn’t disadvantaged due to her speech difficulties.

Thoroughly recommend Lynne. Our 4 year old was generally unintelligible to strangers but after working with Lynne for a time she's now ordering her own food in cafes and being understood. Oh and "hey Google!" even understands her!

Lynne herself built a really nice rapport with our child in a short space of time. The sessions have been fun & exciting for our child and she's going to miss working with Lynne.

Lynne has tried really hard to be flexible and arranged sessions around our availability and has partnered with the school as well to ensure continuity & consistency for our child.


We met Lynne just before lockdown 2020, she assessed my 3 year old boy who wasn’t saying many words at all. Throughout lockdown she continued to work with us as a family through zoom, and then face to face when able too. Lynne has not only helped my little boy progress so much in a year, he now says full sentences and his listening has improved greatly, but she supported me when I was worrying about things. I couldn’t recommend Lynne anymore, she is very professional and is great at what she does. Thankyou for all your help.
Ellie and Arnie x

My son has recently been discharged by Lynne after therapy for less than a year. We are amazed at the progress that he has made and this is due to Lynne's high level of skills and tailoring a programme for his needs. He has gone from a shy child who was struggling to form friendships or engage in learning at school to one who is happy to go to school. He has lots of friends now and is making progress with his learning. I would definitely recommend SpeechWorks for anyone with communication difficulties.


Hi Lynne, just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for your work with Eddie. He is still doing really well. Loves reading and his speech is really very good. I was talking to a mum this week whose son had similar problems and is now back on an IEP for speech to help with the transition to secondary school. She was asking how Eddie was doing and it reminded me just how transformational his work with you was. We have no concerns about him coping with secondary school or social interactions and it gave me pause to think whether that would be the case if he hadn't done the work with you. Honestly we feel very lucky to have found you. Eddie’s Mother. 

Well what can I see about Lynne?

When my little boy was referred by his school teacher for SALT I was certainly worried about what the therapy would be like and how he would find it as he is quite shy!

I decided to take the step to look into Private therapy to give my Son every advantage possible and also because the NHS therapy had a long waiting list even for an assessment.

After searching for local therapists I felt that Lynne was the most suitable for our needs.

From our first session Lynne had been approachable, patient, professional especially in the height of COVID, and not to mention a friendly face behind the mask.

My son felt confident and comfortable being himself around Lynne in session which soon led to us seeing progress week after week.

We have just attended our last therapy session this afternoon and my son has being discharged and our NHS programme hasn’t even started. Everyone has noticed an improvement in my Son’s speech and his confidence in his speech and his phonics and reading have improved ten fold.

A massive thanks to Lynne for all your input into my son's therapy! You’ve have been the best and we cannot thank you enough! 🥂 Cheers to you! Laura

Our son Started with Lynne last January, This time last year I never ever thought I'd see the day that he would be able to say words properly and be able to understand everything he was saying, sometimes it was such a struggle to understand him, which was really hard on him and hard on us too

He had no confidence at all, but now his confidence is brilliant at school and out!

Thankfully we found his amazing speech therapist

Who has been to me an absolute miracle worker!

We as a family cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you have put in with him over the past year. A billion percent I would recommend!! Mel

Lynne worked really well with R, taking notice of when he losing interest and constantly finding
new ways to engage him in the activities. Lynne was really patient and friendly, and R enjoyed attending his sessions. With Lynnes
help, R’s speech is now perfect for his age. Lynne is great with children, very understanding and
patient, and is able to not only help children improve their speech but also teach parents/carers the skills they need to help their child. Lynne
provides fun sessions for children and uses great techniques to draw them back in if they do start to lose interest. We can’t thank Lynne
enough for the help she gave us! Claire Ellis, 2023

My little girl Alice received significant support from Lynne between the ages of 3 and 6. While she was having speech and language therapy she really struggled with all aspects of speech and language, including forming relationships with her peers. As a result I always wondered if Alice would find these aspects for her whole school life. Alice is now 7 and today she won an award at her school for her language. Her teacher complimented her on her accurate pronunciation when speaking French and her kind, caring nature to her peers.

In fact reading, language and relationships are now things that Alice is really good at.

None of this would have possible without Lynne's expert guidance and advice. She supported us during a very difficult time, often liaising with school and making suggestions not only for her speech and language development, but also her social development with her peers.

We will be forever grateful to Lynne who was the beacon of hope when my daughter was unable to communicate with anyone outside her immediate family and we were extremely worried about how she would cope at school.

Thank you Lynne, your work with Alice has been so impactful on her life and the effects long lasting!! Hannah Stephens, 2023 


These are all genuine comments made by former clients and colleagues, all the originals are held by SpeechWorks.


Some names have been changed  to protect confidentiality.

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