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Does my child need Speech Therapy?

If your child has difficulty in any of the following areas, you may wish to consult a Speech and Language Therapist for advice.


Pronunciation of words/clarity of speech

Learning and remembering vocabulary

Understanding language and forming sentences

Fluency of speech (stammering / stuttering)

Attention and listening skills

Use of language

What do therapy sessions consist of ?

Therapy sessions are on a 1-1 basis and I will agree targets with you at the start of any course of treatment. Each session will then consist of activities towards these.  I use toys, games, pictures and plenty of praise and fun with children. The activities will be individually tailored to allow your child to succeed whilst developing their skills.

Homework activities will be provided for you to use inbetween sessions as all children love to play and work with their parents.


Do I need a referral from a Professional?

What locations do you cover?

No, you can refer your child to me directly, there is no need for a referral from another professional saving time between your initial concern and action. 

I already have an NHS Speech Therapist, can I still see you?

Yes of course.  Private therapy can run alongside NHS therapy either at the same time (if appropriate) or when the NHS is unable to see your child.  Just let me know and I will liaise with them to ensure we are working together so that we can provide the best care for your child.

How will you assess my child?

All sessions are fun and rewarding for the child.  At your first appointment I will listen to your concerns and ask questions about your child, their development, health and interests. If you have reports or information from other professionals I will read through these to help me form a better understanding of your child. I will then do some assessment typically using toys or pictures.  After they have completed this I will discuss my findings with you and then give recommendations for further sessions. 

How many sessions will I need?

That's entirely dependent on the difficulty.  Some concerns need just a couple of sessions, others need several blocks of therapy over a longer period of time.  We can discuss this following the intial assessment.

Before treatment I will discuss with you how many sessions I recommend and why and we can tailor the recommendations to suit your own circumstances.  If you choose to, the programme can be altered or discontinued at any time.


I am based 6 miles from Beverley.

Sessions may be held at a venue local to myself which I will arrange, thus avoiding travel charges, or I can travel to your child's nursery, school or home. Travel costs may apply. Please see costs section.



How much does it cost?

Telephone consultation prior to initial assessment - No charge.


Standard Initial assessment takes approx 75 mins and costs £100.00 This includes a summary report if required.

For some difficulties an alternative, more detailed assessment may be required at further cost but this will be discussed at your initial 'telephone' contact.


Therapy and review assessments are charged at £70.00 per hour.


Detailed reports and attendance at meetings will be charged at £65.00 per hour.


School contract prices available on application. 


Travel within a 25 minute journey time (as per AA Route Finder) will be free of charge. Journey time over the initial 25 minutes will be charged at 40p per mile.


Full terms and conditions available on request.



How do I know you are properly registered?

All Speech and Language Therapists need to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).  This council ensures all members are suitably qualified and are undertaking regular clinical supervision and ongoing professional development.  I am also a member of the Royal College Of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) and The Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP) .You can see my HCPC registration here

School Contracts.

I am now able to offer contracts directly to schools within Hull and the East Riding.  If you wish to obtain independent Speech and Language Therapy for your school please contact me to discuss your requirements and costings.

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