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Privacy Statement

There are 3 main types of data which SPEECHWORKS retains:

·         Clinical Data needed to provide a service.

·         Financial Data from Schools for billing.

·         Contact Data from referrals and training.


SPEECHWORKS keeps both physical and electronic records of clinical data in order to provide a service.

·         Preferred format is electronic for clinical data.

·         Clinical data is deleted/ confidentially destroyed in accordance with the guidelines of ASLTIP


SPEECHWORKS keeps electronic records of Financial data from those who use our services.

·         Financial Data is kept for 6 years to adhere to revenue guidelines.

·         Financial Data (including non-payment of bills) can be given to HMRC at their request.


Contact Data is kept for 6 years to allow processing of Financial Data if required. 

This may be retained for longer to for safety, legal request, or child protection reasons.

If you require your clinical data deleted or removed, you must send an email to  SPEECHWORKS at  citing your wish.

Financial data cannot be removed before 6 years; however, it can be shared with you to allow for any correction or for you to make a health insurance claim.

Contact data cannot be removed before 6 years, however it can be shared with you to allow for any update or correction of material facts such as spelling of names, addresses, phone numbers etc.


If you require data to be shared with any third party, you must request it via email to SPEECHWORKS, or via written request. Only the person listed as the person with parental responsibility can request this if it is in the case of a minor.


Legal obligation and good practice


SPEECHWORKS must comply with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 and  General Data Protection Act 2018. The Acts set out the principle that personal data shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for the purpose or purposes for which it was obtained.


This requirement places a responsibility on SPEECHWORKS  to be clear about the length of time personal data will be kept and the reasons why the information is being retained.


To comply with this rule SPEECHWORKS must have a policy on retention periods for personal data that is retained.


This policy must include defined retention periods for records and systematic disposal of records within a reasonable period after the retention period  after the retention period expires.


Since 2003, Data Protection legislation applies to both electronic and hard copy records.


SPEECHWORKS is committed to effective records management retention and disposal to ensure that it:

• meets legal standards in terms of retention periods;

• optimises the use of space;

• minimises the cost of record retention;

• securely destroys outdated records


A full copy of SPEECHWORKS Privacy policy is available by emailing

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